About us

Known as the Tigers, the PWRR has a long and distinguished history and is the most decorated of all British Army regiments.

Those who have served in the Regiment have been selected to do so because of their potential, and been subsequently trained to hone their skills to work within a team to achieve a rapid and satisfactory conclusion to all tasks.

These skills are fully transferable and should not be wasted when transitioning into civilian life.

With this in mind, TigerRec has been established to ensure that the training, skills and attributes gained during service are put to their best use in the civilian environment, aiding job seekers and employers alike.

To be able to apply for jobs you will first need to register with The PWRR Association. Click here to watch a useful video on how to join the Association and register with TigerRec or view the video directly below.

A TigerRec YouTube tutorial - How to join the Association and register with TigerRec