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As a Tiger you won your place in the prestigious Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, or forebear regiment, through a rigorous selection process, have been trained to the highest calibre and are a trustworthy, committed, employable individual, who can confidently be given a task or project and be expected to deliver it on time and to budget without undue supervision. By bringing these qualities to any employment you are offered, you will continue to live the Tiger brand.

By registering with TigerRec, you are accessing a unique resource tailored to assist your needs, and a pool of potential employers who understand the benefits of recruiting those who have served in the PWRR or a forebear regiment. Remember that to join TigerRec you must be a member of the Association. Click here for Association membership and to receive your unique reference number.

To view a useful tutorial on how to become a member of the Association and sign up for TigerRec, Tiger has created a YouTube channel with this tutorial.
Alternatively you may prefer to watch the video here.

A TigerRec YouTube tutorial - How to join the Association and register with TigerRec


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Finding a new career is just one of the challenges you may encounter when transitioning to civilian life. Others may include seeking new accommodation, schooling for children, financial planning and more.

Expert guidance and assistance may be sought via the following organisations: