Tigerrec link up with X-Forces

Tigerec and X-Forces

X-Force-launch-withTigerRecTigerRec have just signed a strategic partnership with X-Forces, an organisation dedicated to helping ex-members of the forces become successful entrepreneurs.  Once TigerRec have identified a member who shows interest in setting up their own business they link them with X-Forces to go through the entrepreneurial programme. 

What does the X-Forces programme consist of?

The programme consists of an initial online assessment to ensure that any support areas are highlighted and solutions provided.  Once successfully passing this the individual is assigned a mentor who will help in the writing of a comprehensive business plan (70% of start-ups fail because they either don’t have a business plan at all or it is incomplete!).  Once the individual and the mentor are satisfied that the plan is a good one, it is then submitted to a finance committee who examine the plan and if agreed will arrange any necessary finance at very competitive rates.  Once the finance is approved the mentor works with the individual as the business starts, helping to find initial clients and keeping the plan on track and stays with it until the business has launched successfully and no further help is required.  All through the process the individual is supported by the mentor and through online Webairs where discussions take place to help build a community of entrepreneurs.

The PWRR in partnership with X-Forces

The PWRR through TigerRec have been selected to act as the first partners of X-Forces and we now have one Private, one Corporal, one Sergeant and a Captain in the programme. X-Forces was launched on 10 July at Lancaster House  where Cpl Tom Cornwell, who is setting up his own business following redundancy, was present to represent TigerRec and the Regiment.  Tom was introduced to Lord Young who applauded the setting up of TigerRec, the partnership with X-Forces and in particular the entrepreneurial spirit of Tom Cornwell and requested that he be kept informed of Tom’s progress. 

BFBS interviews Cpl Tom Cornwell

Cpl Tom Cornwell from 1 PWRR was put in contact with X-FORCE by TigerRec. He was interviewed by BFPS reporter Victoria Smith. Cpl Cornwell plans to set up a private detective agency supporting, amongst others, the insurance industry. X-Force has helped relieve the headache of finance as they will source this for Tom at a very competitive rate.
Click here to watch the BFPS interview with Cpl Tom Cornwell from 1 PWRR - Tigerrec